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After spending a year deployed in Iraq my back was in bad shape from wearing 60 pounds of body armor and battle rattle. Dr. Joe got my back realigned and readjusted again. No more back pain!

-Rick T.

I thought I was on my way to disability before discovering Metro Chiropractic.  I was having difficulty walking due to the pain in my back, hips and knees.  I could barely take a deep breath because of the pain in my back.  I also had a frozen shoulder and was told I needed surgery!  After one appointment with Dr. Mehring I could breathe again, and my hips and knees improved.  I could hardly believe it!  As for my frozen shoulder, I now have full range of motion without surgery!  I couldn't be happier with my excellent results! Thanks, Metro Chiropractic!

-Tina M.N.

 For a long-time, close to a year, I suffered from intense and prolonged nausea. It became difficult to do regular daily activities like going shopping or doing the laundry. I was always sick and I didn't know why. I spent most of 2014 in and out of my doctor's office (she thought it was vertigo) and did more than 6 months of physical therapy (we narrowed the problem to my neck which helped but didn't fix the problem). I blamed myself for not doing more to get better and honestly thought I would never feel healthy and whole again. My family and friends convinced me to go see a chiropractor. I found Metro Chiropractor, did my research, read the reviews, and decided I had nothing to lose. From the first day I walked in, Dr. Joe Mehring and his staff were incredibly welcoming and kind to me. Upon my initial consultation, Dr. Joe was able to tell exactly what was wrong with my neck and where my nausea was likely stemming from. I was nervous about getting adjusted, this was all new to me, but Dr. Joe talked me through it and started me off with light adjustments so that I could get use to the process. Within just a few visits, my nausea and all of the pain in my neck had dissipated. It's been about 4 months and I continue to see Dr. Joe regularly so that I can make continuous progress toward improving the health of my neck and back. I am really glad I chose Metro Chiropractic for my chiropractic care - the professionalism, quality of service, ease of scheduling and friendliness of staff is simply unmatched. I would recommend Dr. Joe to anyone in need of their services.

-Nikita V. 

I feel better after only 4 appointments! I had back, neck and ankle pain for 7 + years and had never been to chiropractor before. Other doctors recommended surgery, which I wish to avoid.  After only 4 appointments with Dr. Mehring my pain is much, much better.  I have sent my husband to see Dr. Mehring as well. We will continue treatment. Highly recommended for anyone suffering back pain.

- Tiffany J.

 Our decision to see Dr. Joe was the best decision we've ever made!  He is the best!  He explained in great detail about what was going on with us, and what we needed to do to improve ourselves.  We highly recommend Dr. Joe, as he has helped us both out drastically!   

- Aslee T. & Travis P. 

I started seeing Dr. Joe after years and years of failed physical therapy, multiple doctors and interventions for throacic outlet syndrome. I never before was sure about Chiropractic care as a Registered Nurse in the traditional medical community, but making the choice to see Dr. Joe Mehring has changed my life and pain. I am nearly pain free with just 1-2 adjustments a month. He is flexible, affordable and extremely friendly. He is knowledgeable and educated in all areas of Chiropractic and now my husband and I both see him. Chiropractics are part of our wellness regimen now! Thanks Dr. Joe!

- Stephanie N.

Dr. Joe and his staff are amazing!! Very professional and obviously passionate about his work. I am so happy I was referred to his office by my medical doctor.  

- Sam C. 

Great doctors, I wouldn't go anywhere else!  

- Ben S.

After finding out I was pregnant, my husband researched the benefits of going to a chiropractor. I began weekly treatments with Dr. Joe at 7 weeks, and continued through week 40. I didn't experience any of the aches and pains that I heard typically come along with pregnancy. I enjoyed a complication-free labor and delivery, and our son was born full-term and healthy. My recovery time has been cut in half, and I continue my weekly visits to Dr. Joe. He now treats our son as well. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Joe, and couldn't be happier about my decision to receive chiropractic treatment during and after pregnancy.

- Tia E. 

Great service, fantastic office & personable Doctor! Ever since the first appointment, my lower back no longer gives out on me for having to bend over for more than 5 minutes. Thank you!

- Pang V.

I've been going to Dr Joe since Aug 2013 and it has done wonders for my back and my health and it's the best I've felt since my car accident almost 10 years ago. I don't have constant back pain anymore and things like my stomach problems and skin problems like eczema have improved and returned back to normal like there were before my accident. Thanks Dr Joe!

- Sagar T.

I came to Dr. Joe with a tilted pelvis and stilted gait that developed after knee surgery.  After the first visit, my gait had rapidly approved. After 3 visits, my walking speed was at my pre-injury speed, and I was back to normal. The benefits of his treatment went way beyond quickly correcting my gait. Since high school I’ve had poor posture. My slouched back was a dead zone with no tactile sensations, except feeling very tight. Surprisingly Dr. Joe’s treatments “opened up” my back. My shoulders and chest became broader, and I was standing taller. Within days, people started to comment “Are you working out?” The change was that significant. The best end result was the unanticipated effect of Dr. Joe’s treatment on my overall nerve system. The adjustments to my spine charged my nerves with renewed vigor. I feel more relaxed, more focused, and have more energy. My back is no longer a dead zone but is filled with new sensitivities. My whole body is more sensory. Adult sensations I had not felt in years returned and remain frequent and intense. The results are awesome. I have never felt better. Dr. Joe’s care made my spine, muscles, and nerves fall into place and function optimally. He is a competent, considerate and gentle clinician. He has a genuine interest in my well being. I appreciate his eagerness to make me healthy and whole. I never need an appointment card because an adjustment with Dr. Joe is something I would never miss. I gladly recommend Dr. Joe to anyone with back and posture issues that wants to improve their health and overall well being with top-notch, high-quality, effective and affordable care.

- Jerome S

"Crawled in bent over and walked out standing tall - thanks Dr. Joe!"

- Glenn W. 

"Dr. Joe Mehring was the first chiropractor I ever saw. I was skeptical of the experience at first. I didn't think I needed a chiropractor. Joe taught me that ANYONE can benefit from receiving chiropractic care. He took the time to explain how problems with my spine can affect so many other parts of my body and its functionality. I always feel wonderful after my treatments! Not only is the chiropractic care I receive from Joe professional and effective, it is incredibly convenient! I make appointments during my lunch break and I am in and out of Joe's office within 15 minutes. I never have to wait, yet my treatments never feel rushed. Thanks Joe! You're the best!"

- Amanda K.  

"I have fibromyalgia (basically chronic pain and fatigue) and previously would get very sore from walking around for just an hour. After seeing Dr. Joe for several weeks, I recently went on vacation, where we walked a lot every day - and I wasn't nearly as sore as I expected! My pain levels in general are all lower, and that is really saying something for how long I've been in pain. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Joe to help keep my fibromyalgia under control!"

- Alicia O.

"I've seen multiple chiropractors before and have not been impressed with the experience or results. I was so sick of chiropractors who just wanted me to keep coming in 3x a week for forever... I only came to see Joe because a friend recommended him, and I still have back pain. I'm so glad I did! Joe is different from other chiros. Not only does he take the time to listen to you, but he spends time explaining what is wrong with your spine and what is causing your pain, and what he is doing to fix it. We started out 3x a week, but are now weaning me down to fewer and fewer visits as I improve, and he keeps me informed of the "plan" and how my body is responding every step of the way. Coming to see Joe gave me faith in chiropractors again!"

- Crystal

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    Travis P. Milwaukee, WI

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